Revitalizing Our Inheritance


Please note that this campaign has been completed and funds have already been distributed. For more information, please contact the Stewardship Development Office at 416-363-6021 (1-800-886-8932).

Adaptive Reuse of Parish Facilities ($8,000,000)

Re-investing in church facilities is critical for our future. New generations of Anglicans will benefit if we find imaginative uses for our physical plants. Some parishes need assistance to continue responding to God’s call. The allocation of $8,000,000 will allow the Diocese of Toronto to assist parishes in vibrant communities re-invest in their physical plants.

Enabling Parishes to Become Multi-Staffed ($6,000,000)

Multi-staffed parishes need the resources to reach for excellence, to draw even more people to their services and ministries. Our Faith – Our Hope will allocate $6,000,000 to help a growing number of parishes become multi-staffed in order to provide ministry for everyone.

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