Area Bishops/Episcopal Areas

Due to its size, the Diocese of Toronto is divided administratively into four episcopal areas, each under the oversight of an area bishop, who is a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Toronto. The four episcopal areas are:

Trent-Durham – Bishop Riscylla Shaw

York-Credit Valley – Bishop Jenny Andison

York-Scarborough – Bishop Kevin Robertson

York-Simcoe – Bishop Peter Fenty

Map of the Diocese

Area bishops in our diocese function somewhat differently from those in other dioceses that use the same title. The role of the area bishop is an organizational one created to help the diocese operate more effectively.

In creating the role of the area bishop, the diocesan bishop granted certain episcopal duties and authorities to the area bishops that normally reside in the role and person of the diocesan bishop. So an area bishop is a different type of bishop, not with respect to order, but with respect to jurisdiction.

The creation of the area bishop role also shifted the primary working relationship of the clergy from the diocesan bishop to the area bishop. In that respect, an area bishop’s role is distinctly different from that of the suffragan bishop in most other dioceses.