York-Credit Valley Area Council


The York-Credit Valley Area Council exists to support the mission and ministry of York-Credit Valley. Per Canon 44, the Area Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Area Bishop, providing advice and suggestions on matters specific to the  York-Credit Valley Area as well as on other matters referred to the Council by the Area Bishop, Diocesan Council, or Synod.


The responsibilities of Area Council are to

  1. advise the Area Bishop on strategic planning matters;
  2. propose and recommend a budget for its operations;
  3. supervise and authorize the payment of funds from its budget as authorized by Synod and Diocesan Council;
  4. develop and propose policy recommendations to Diocesan Council for its consideration;
  5. report on its activities to Diocesan Council at least annually;
  6. provide opportunities in the Area for lay and clergy training events and other Area gatherings;
  7. appoint youth and young adult members to Synod as required by the Constitution; and
  8. appoint or elect one Area Council member who is a member of Synod as a representative of the Area Council to Diocesan Council.

Composition Criteria:

Area Council shall consist of a minimum of ten members including (but not restricted to) the Area Bishop, the Regional Dean(s) of the Area, an elected clergy member (1); and elected lay member, and appointed lay and clergy members.

Elected members of the Area Council shall be limited to a maximum of three successive terms of two years each, following which no such member may be elected again for two years. Appointed persons may serve without limitation of term.

One member shall be appointed as Chair of the Area Council by the Area Bishop; this position is not subject to term limitation.

Current Membership:

The Area Council presently comprises

  • the Area Bishop
  • 1 Regional Dean
  • 1 Elected Member (lay)
  • 1 Elected Member (clergy)
  • 6 Appointed Members

Current Members

Meetings and Committees

The Area Council meets 6-10 times a year.

Meeting Dates for Current Year

Financial Resources

The Area Council’s budget is resourced directly from the Diocesan budget. The Area budget funds clergy and lay training, youth ministry, the chaplaincy for retired clergy in the area and discretionary expenses as well as specific work as agreed by the Council.

The budget also provides for Area grant funding to parishes in the forms of Ministry Development and FaithWorks grants within York-Credit Valley.