York-Credit Valley – Area Council Members

Current Membership

  • Area Bishop: the Right Rev. Jenny Andison
  • Regional Dean: the Rev. Susan Climo (Chair)
  • Elected Lay Member: Ms. Lydia Cordie
  • Elected Clergy Member:  the Rev. Samantha Caravan
  • Appointed Members (lay and clergy):
    • Mr. Michael Farrell, ODT
    • Ms. Anita Gittens, ODT
    • Mr. Emeka Ichoku
    • the Rev. Robert Mitchell
    • Ms. Emily Moore
    • Mr. Danny Thomas, ODT

York-Credit Valley Elected Members to Diocesan Council

Clergy (1)

  • the Rev. Dr. Stephen Drakeford, Epiphany & St. Mark

Laity (2)

  • Michael Gundy, St. Anne, Gladstone
  • Bev Sneyd, St. Mary & St. Martha

Area Council Representative at Diocesan Council


Archbishop’s Appointee to Diocesan Council

  • the Rev. Michelle Childs-Ward (St. George-on-the-Hill)
  • the Rev. David Bryant (St. Joseph of Nazareth)

 Updated March 2018