York-Credit Valley Grants

York-Credit Valley Area Council annually awards funding in two categories:

  • FaithWorks Grants to assist parish and community outreach projects.
  • Ministry Development Grants for new ministry programs related to one of the two focus areas identified for the Area, namely, Evangelism and Children & Youth Ministry.

Please note that, as of June 2020, Area Council grant awards are capped at $2000.

Making an Area Council Grant Application:

Please download both the Grant Application Guidance and the Grant Application Form and complete the latter fully, following the instructions. The application form is the same for each of the above categories of Area Council funding.  Applications must be made using this form.

The completed and signed copy of the application form, together with any supporting information, should be submitted to the Bishop’s Office by email as a pdf. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for re-submission by the application deadline. The 2020 fall deadline for grant applications is November 1.

Area Grant Feedback:

Projects receiving funding will be required to submit a written report to Area Council (care of the Bishop’s Office) within 12 months of the grant having been received. Please download and use the York-Credit Valley Area Grant Feedback Report Form to shape your report.

Note: If your parish or organization has previously received a grant, no further grants will be considered until feedback has been received and reviewed.

Other Funding Opportunities:

To learn about other Diocesan funding opportunities, visit the Grants and Funding page.