York-Scarborough Area Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Area Council is to support the Area Bishop in fulfilling God’s mission in York-Scarborough.  Our actions are guided by the mission of the Diocese of Toronto to worship God, proclaim Jesus Christ, and embody God’s reconciling love.

Area Council and Sub-Committees meetings:

Area Council meets four times a year, usually on a Wednesday in March, June, September and November.  The venue for the meeting moves around the Area by Deanery.  The meetings are chaired by the Regional Dean of the hosting Deanery.

The next Area Council meeting will take place on November 25, 2020.

Deadline for Ministry Development Grant and FaithWorks Grant Applications:  November 16, 2020.   Late applications will not be accepted.

Sub-Committees meet prior to Area Council and report to Area Council with their recommendations.


Lay Representation from each Deanery:

  • Eglinton:  VACANT
  • St. James: VACANT
  • Scarborough: Mr. Ryan Ramsden (Grace Church, Scarborough)
  • Toronto East: Ms. Darleen Knowlton (St. John the Baptist, Norway)
  • York Mills: VACANT

Members at Large:

  • Rev. Andrea Christensen (St. Timothy, Agincourt)
  • Mr. Bob Horne
  • Rev. Leonard Leader (St. George on Yonge)

Youth members:

  • Mr. Ian Physick
  • Ms. Jillian Ruch

Regional Deans:

  • Eglinton: Rev. Ian LaFleur
  • St. James: Rev. Canon Geoff Sangwine
  • Scarborough: Rev. Greg Carpenter
  • Toronto East: Rev. Shelley McVea
  • York Mills: Rev. Nicholas Morkel

Elected members to Diocesan Council representing York-Scarborough Area:

  • Mr. Chris Ambidge, ODT (Redeemer, Bloor Street)
  • Rev. Canon Dr. Eric Beresford (St. Timothy, North Toronto)
  • Ms. Catherine Bryant (St. John, York Mills)

Area Budget and Grants Sub-Committee:

  • Rev. Leonard Leader (Scarborough Deanery)
  • Rev. Carol Brunton (York-Mills Deanery)
  • Mr. Bob Horne (Toronto East Deanery)
  • Rev. Andrea Christensen (Eglinton Deanery)
  • VACANT (St. James Deanery)

Elected member of Area Council to Diocesan Council:

  • Rev. Andrea Christensen (St. Timothy, Agincourt)

Area Bishop (ex-officio):

  • Bishop Kevin Robertson

Financial Resources

Area Budget

The Area Council’s budget is resourced directly from the Diocesan budget.

The budget funds Clergy Deanery Retreats and Lay Training, Youth Ministry, Special Project: Fresh Expressions Projects and Missional Coach, Area Bursary Grants, Area Events: NLP Workshop and Music Workshop, Retired Clergy Events, Building Inspection subsidy, Bishop’s Envoys , Ministry Development and FaithWorks grants.

Student Bursaries

In 2011 York-Scarborough Area Council initiated the Bursary Fund. Since then $26,000 in bursaries have been given out to over 50 deserving students. Applications are made available annually in the spring.

Bursary Sub-Committee:

  • Vacant
  • Mr. Ryan Ramsden