York-Scarborough Lending Library

The following resources are available to borrow from the York-Scarborough Office:

  • “ATR: The Anglican Theological Review: Fall 2007, Vol. 89, #4” in book format
  • “Huron, Our Story: The Legacy of Bishop Cronyn” DVD
  • Just Walk Across The Room” DVD and instruction book by Bill Hybels.
  • “Living Faith” DVD and book developed by Bishop N.T. Wright and John Schwarz of Natural Church Development fame.  This is more Biblically based.
  • Mission Shaped Congregations: Re-imagining Church” an interactive DVD-ROM to help you plan a mission-shaped Sunday worship service
  • “Puzzling Questions” by Paul Griffiths, Martin Robinson and Julie Kite: a 6-week course to explore life’s deeper issues
  • Remembering the Future: Financial Leadership and Asset Management for Congregations” by Gerald Keucher
  • Sanctus: fresh expressions of church in the sacramental tradition” DVD
  • Sexual Misconduct in our Churches – Learn to spot it Learn to stop it” DVD
  • Table Talk: a game of conversations” by Joanne Cox and Paul Griffiths: provides a fun place for people to have conversations about the important questions in life
  • “The God Who is There”, ed. Roger Morgan, published by ReSource – A discipleship course for small groups.
    • Book 1: “Beyond Ourselves” – a course which explores the wider meaning of our lives (for unchurched and/or dechurched)
    • Book 2: “The New Community” – a course on finding God when we meet together
    • Book 3: “Shining Like Stars” – a course which helps Christians understand how God intends us to live in this world
  • The Legal Guide for Canadian Churches” book by David Blaikie and Diana Ginn
  • The Lord’s Supper in Human Hands: Who Should Administer?” book, eds. Peter Bolt, Mark Thompson, Robert Tong
  • “The Spirituality of Fundraising” booklet by Henri Noewen (2004)
  • “Treasures, Old & New” – a history of St. Timothy, Agincourt
  • Via Media”, an Anglican basics course on DVD, developed by the Episcopal Church of the USA. The emphasis is on inclusivity as the hallmark of Anglicanism.
  • Evangelism Packages
  • Digital Projector

Please contact Sue Willoughby: swilloughby@toronto.anglican.ca to make arrangements to borrow these items.