Coat of arms

The arms of the Diocese of Toronto were granted by Heralds College, London, England — the only authority in England for giving a grant of Arms — in August 1839, at the time the Diocese was founded. The official description is:

“Azure (blue) with a crosier in bend dexter surmounted by a key in bend sinister or (gold), between an Imperial crown in chief. Two open books in fess proper and a dove in base argent (silver), holding in the beak an olive branch vert (green).”

The crosier and key are emblems of ecclesiastical authority. The two books represent the Bible and the Prayer Book. The crown shows the connection of the Mother Church of England to the State. The dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost, and the olive branch a messenger of peace or deliverance in allusion to the dove sent to Noah, Genesis 8:8-12.

The coat of arms is used only at the discretion of the bishops of the Diocese and is not meant to replace the diocesan logo. It is to be used only for certain matters as determined by the bishops.