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Becoming a Priest

Make a difference in this world, for God’s sake!

The world is changing.
The Church has a role to play, to be Christ’s body in this changing world.
The Church needs leaders who can help God’s people fulfill this calling.
The world needs priests who can show it just how much God loves it.
Is that you?

Do you love Christ and want to serve him by making a difference in the Church and the world?
Do you have a vision for what the Church could be, to serve God in this ever-changing context?
Have you ever wondered whether the Spirit might be calling you to be a priest?

We need people who are:

  • passionate about their faith in Jesus Christ
  • creative thinkers and doers
  • able to interpret this culture to the Church, and the Church to this culture
  • authentically living with integrity
  • entrepreneurial leaders, ready to take on new challenges
  • committed to being part of the Anglican Church, and excited about exploring news ways of doing that
  • inspiring leaders, team builders and team players
  • compassionate towards the needs of others
  • spiritually and emotionally mature
  • committed to continual growth and renewal for themselves and the church

This is not an easy life. Serving God in the Church and the world doesn’t come with many guarantees. But there are a few:

  • it’s almost never boring
  • there’s no shortage of challenges
  • in the end, it’s always worth it

Some things will never change. The Church will always need its priests to:

  • bring God’s people together to celebrate Holy Eucharist
  • read, study and teach the Word of God
  • baptize new believers in Jesus Christ
  • pray, and teach others to pray
  • care deeply for those who are hurting, in all sorts of ways
  • challenge the unjust structures of our society
  • celebrate the marriage of those whom God brings together
  • help people mark the end of the life of a loved one

The timeless things should never change. How we do them probably will.

Let’s talk.

There are many ways for you to start, or continue, this conversation. You could talk further with a priest you already know, or use our “Find a Church/Clergy” function to find a priest in your community.

Enquirers and postulants

Those who feel called to the priesthood are invited to test that vocation in a journey of discernment with the Postulancy Committee. You can look at the list and explanation of core values for parish ministry to help discern your call to ministry.

Enquirers meet first with the Diocesan Executive Assistant in the fall or winter for an initial interview. At that time, the enquirer may be given an application package and asked to submit the required forms and essays before the March 1 deadline.

Based on the written materials, applicants may be invited to attend an Interview Day in mid-May. Decisions are made by the end of May. Applicants who are accepted as postulants of the Diocese of Toronto begin a two-year period of formation before ordination.

For more information, contact Canon Mary Conliffe, Diocesan Executive Assistant, at 416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932).