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A Day in the Life of Covid-19

Pandemic online form

To make sure the Diocese’s COVID-19 collection includes the voices, stories and experiences of parishioners, as well as the parish itself, we’re asking you to consider submitting something about your experience. You could show how faith and parish community have played a role in your experience, or simply share your personal experience of how COVID-19 has impacted your life.

We understand that the past year has been extremely challenging and that reflecting on these experiences may be difficult. If you need mental health support, you can download some helpful resources.

If you’re not sure what to share, these questions and prompts might help you reflect on your own experience and how you’d like to share that experience for others to learn from in the future.

Just to get you started

  • What thoughts and feelings have occurred about life during the pandemic?
  • What sounds, smells or images come to mind when you think about your experience?
  • How have things changed for you? It could be changes with the church, family, or something about who you are.
  • Imagine the year is 2050. What would you want others to know about your life during the pandemic?
  • Have you learned anything new (a new skill or something new about yourself or the world)? Did you create anything during the pandemic?  (this could include photographs, drawings, stories, songs, art, crafts, clothing)
  • Have you been able to keep in touch with your family or friends? If so, in what way?
  • What have celebrations looked like for you? What did you do to remember milestones and events?
  • Did you know of others who needed extra help during this time? Did you volunteer anywhere or in a different way? How did you make a difference? (This could be in your family, in your church, in your neighborhood)

Submitting your experience

Type and upload your submission below OR send written works, audio recording, video recording or images (photographs, drawings or artwork) by regular mail to: The Anglican Diocese of Toronto Archives, 135 Adelaide Street E., Toronto ON, M5C 1L8.

If you’re sending something by mail, complete this form and send it with your submission. If you’re submitting through the online platform below,  note any restrictions in the restriction section.




Get in touch

You can reach the Archives staff by email or at 416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932):

Claire Wilton

Archivist, ext. 219

Sarah McDougall

Archives Assistant, ext. 218