Churchwarden Toolbox

The Churchwarden Toolbox provides a roadmap to resources that help churchwardens meet their legal, canonical and policy obligations.

  • Constitution and Canons

    The Constitution sets out the structure and rules of synod, while the Canons are the law of the Diocese, governing its life and discipline.

  • Parish Leaders' Manual

    This handbook serves to familiarize new churchwardens and lay leaders with their roles and responsibilities, and also serves as a reference source to experienced churchwardens and incumbents.

  • Parish Finance Manual

    The Parish Finance Manual provides information for parishes about the management of their financial affairs.

  • Parish Human Resources Manual

    The Parish Human Resources Manual contains important information and policies for churchwardens as employers. The manual has two sections, one regarding clergy and one regarding parish employees.

  • Orientation/Bootcamp

    Parish Leadership Boot Camps are offered every year to assist new churchwardens and parish leaders in their role. Information about the sessions along with course materials are included in this section.

Church Property

This section contains information that will assist parishes with matters related to real property issues such as purchase or sale, lease or license and building renovation and expansions.

Churchwardens’ Parochial Return

This return provides financial statistics and the basis for accurately and fairly calculating the allotment for each congregation. It is sent directly to the Manager of Office Services. The Churchwardens’ Parochial Return Handbook is a guide for understanding and completing the parochial return.

Clergy Remuneration

Clergy remuneration is determined by the area bishop in consultation with the parish churchwardens. This section provides information about the components of the remuneration package, policies pertaining to clergy remuneration, and statistics and forms to assist you with annual adjustments.

Facility Rentals

This section provides incumbents and churchwardens with everything they need to know about allowing others to use their church’s facilities, including the approval process and adequate insurance coverage.

FaithWorks Reporting/Remittances

On this page, you can download the form for reporting your parish’s FaithWorks income.

Health & Safety

Churchwardens are the legal employer of the parish and as such are required to ensure that the parish is in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. This section provides information, resources, and sample policies.

Human Resources for Parishes

This section contains information regarding the supervision, hiring, and performance management of parish staff.  It includes sample policies, job descriptions, employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements.


This section provides churchwardens with all the information they need to know about insurance requirements for the church property, building and furnishings for which they are responsible.


This section contains information that will assist churchwardens in their short- and long-term investing strategies, along with information on how to deposit and access funds in the Diocese’s Consolidated Trust Fund and Cemetery Fund.


On this page, you will find information about the Diocese’s Privacy Standards Policy, as well as guidelines regarding parish directories and access to parish records.

Same-Sex Marriage

This page contains the Pastoral Guidelines issued on Nov. 10, 2016 by Archbishop Johnson on same-sex marriages, as well as Pastoral Guidelines on the blessing of same-sex commitments.


The Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy has been in effect since 2003.  Churchwardens are responsible for ensuring that their parish is in compliance with the policy.  This section contains the resources and templates that will assist you with compliance and good volunteer management practices.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy contains the procedures for complaints and the definitions of the policy. This section of the website includes who to contact and training resources.

Treasurers’ Information

This section provides information to churchwardens and treasurers on policies and procedures that govern the financial management of the Church.