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Human Resources for Clergy

This section includes resources and policies about clergy as office holders. For guidelines about parish employees and volunteers, see Human Resources for Parishes.

The two churchwardens and the incumbent are the trustees of the parish. They act jointly and in consultation with each other in many human resources matters.

HR for clergy

Human resources manual

Information for churchwardens as employer, with sections on clergy and parish employees.

Vacancies and calls

Applying for a vacancy and leaving your current appointment.

New to the Diocese

Forms and information you need when you’re new to Toronto.


Two-year program for newly ordained assistant curates.

Fresh Start

Learning and support for new incumbents and priests-in-charge.

Professional development

Continuing Education Plan and professional development grants.

Remuneration and benefits (active)

Components of remuneration and benefits information for active clergy.

Remuneration and benefits (retired)

Pension and benefit information for retired clergy.

Retirement planning

What to know and what to do as you prepare for retirement.

Part-time clergy

Unit rates, Sunday supply and honorary assistants.

Selecting a new incumbent

The parish selection process and direct appointments.

Leaves of absence

Available leaves and how to request them.

Wellness and the Employee Assistance Program

Available supports and how to access them.

Retreat centres

A list of retreat centres in Ontario.


These policies and resources will also help you: