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A Financial Update for the Diocese of Toronto, 2014

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Archbishop’s Message

My brothers and sisters in Christ:

The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 reminds us that we are accountable for how we use God’s bountful gifts entrusted to us. Just as the servants in the parable were apportioned treasure – some more than others – so we too have been gifted with resources to carry out the work of the Master. We use these “talents” to invest in growing the Kingdom. All we do should focus us missionally as individuals, as parishes and as a diocese – increasing our capacity to respond as vibrant partners with God’s creative activity in the world. Some of it will be direct mission and some of it will provide the essential infrastructure through which mission is enabled.

I am delighted to be able to provide this special financial update – a “reckoning” to the people of the Diocese of Toronto – to serve as a narrative mid-term accounting between Synods. I think you will be as moved and delighted as I am by what we as a Church are doing with our resources – our gifts from God’s hand. I hope you find, as you read through the various activities of our diocesan departments that support our diocesan ministry, that we are truly engaged in Christ’s mission through Compassionate Service, Intelligent Faith and Godly Worship.

The four strategic areas of focus in the Diocese of Toronto are: Strengthening Local Parishes; Building the Church for Tomorrow; Revitalizing Our Inheritance; and Giving to Others. As a diocese, we celebrate the best of our tradition in providing both a framework and the tools needed to build our future in faith – a Church where God is worshipped, people are cared for and justice is proclaimed.

I encourage you to read these pages with grateful hearts. We know that much is expected of us who have received much (Luke 12:48). I pray that we will continue to be faithful stewards of God’s goodness, through faithful ministry and the proclamation of Good News of life in Christ, to every corner of our diocese.

Yours faithfully,

The Most Rev. Colin Johnson
Archbishop of Toronto