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48 named to the Order of the Diocese of Toronto

Order of the Diocese of Toronto medallion.

The following people have been named to the Order of the Diocese of Toronto, created to honour outstanding lay people in the church in the Diocese of Toronto. They will be honoured during choral evensong on Jan. 1 at 4 p.m. at St. James Cathedral, following the Archbishop’s Levee. All are invited to attend.

  • Ms. Susan Abell, St. Mark, Port Hope
  • Mr. Earle Armstrong, Incarnation
  • Mr. William Bickle, St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope
  • Mr. Thomas Butson, Christ Church, Stouffville
  • Mr. Winston Coombes, St. Hilda, Fairbank
  • Ms. Enid Corbett, Holy Trinity, Thornhill
  • Mr. Doug Cowling, Grace Church, Markham
  • Mrs. Mae Cox, St. James, Orillia
  • Mr. Wayne Cox, St. James, Orillia
  • Mrs. Margaret Deaves, St. John, East Orangeville
  • Ms. Eleanor Julia Emmel, St. Matthias, Bellwoods
  • Ms. Jane Farrell, St. Thomas a Becket (Erin Mills South)
  • Mr. Michael Farrell, St. Thomas a Becket (Erin Mills South)
  • Mr. Thomas Andrew Gledhill, Ascension, Don Mills
  • Mrs. Linda Grasley, St. John, York Mills
  • Mr. William Greig, St. Mary Magdalene
  • Ms. Leslie Hajdu, St. George, Pickering Village (Ajax)
  • Mrs. Gwendolyn Halliday, St. Mary, Richmond Hill
  • Mrs. Debra Harpley, Parish of Georgina
  • Mr. Jim Kaufman, St. Paul, L’Amoreaux
  • Mrs. Dorothy Kealey, Archives
  • Ms. Kathryn Kern, St. John the Baptist, Norway
  • Mr. George Lewis, Christ Church, Deer Park
  • Mrs. Mary Lo, All Saints, Markham
  • Mr. Stephen Masson, St. Paul on-the-Hill, Pickering
  • Mrs. Taflyn Maynard, Christ Church, Woodbridge
  • Mrs. Helen Minten, St. Matthew and St. Aidan, Buckhorn
  • Mr. William Nicholls, St. Luke, Peterborough
  • Mr. Leroy Niles, St. Stephen in-the-Fields
  • Mr. Errol Parris, St. Hilda, Fairbank
  • Mr. Otto Peter, Christ Memorial Church, Oshawa
  • Ms. Shirley Radley, St. Mary and St. Martha
  • Mr. Robert Ragsdale, St. Olave, Swansea
  • Mr. Rob Saffrey, CA, St. James Cathedral
  • Mr. Roy Schatz, St. Anne, Toronto
  • Mrs. Diana Schatz, St. Anne, Toronto
  • Mr. Paul Seddon, St. James Cathedral
  • Mrs. Eleanor Stevenson, All Saints, Whitby
  • Ms. Mary Suddon, St. Thomas, Huron Street
  • Ms. Constance Swinton, St. John the Evangelist, Peterborough
  • Mrs. Muriel Thompson, St. George on Yonge
  • Mr. Ronald Tolhurst, Holy Trinity, Thornhill
  • Mrs. Carolyn Towns, Parish of Belmont
  • Mrs. Phyllis Tyrie, Grace Church, Markham
  • Mrs. Mary Walsh, St. John the Baptist, Oak Ridges
  • Ms. Marge Watters Knebel, Postulancy Committee
  • Mr. David Watton, All Saints, Peterborough
  • Ms. Val Whalley, St. Paul, Brighton

Please note there will be no celebration of the Eucharist at 12:30 p.m. this year. (The Cathedral’s regular Sunday services will be celebrated in the morning at 8, 9 and 11 am.)