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48 named to the Order of the Diocese of Toronto

Order of the Diocese of Toronto medallion.

The following have been named to the Order of the Diocese of Toronto. The Order was created to honour outstanding lay people in the church in the Diocese of Toronto. These are the first people to be named to the Order. They will receive a medallion and a pin from Archbishop Colin Johnson. They will be honoured during choral evensong, following the Archbishop’s Levee, which will take place at St. James Cathedral, Toronto, on Jan. 1. All are invited to attend. 

  • Mr. Chris Ambidge, Church of the Redeemer, Bloor Street
  • Mr. James Norman Baker, Church of the Advent, Toronto
  • Mrs. Karen Barnett, St. John, York Mills
  • Mr. William Barnett, St. John, York Mills
  • Mr. Bill Benson, St. Cuthbert, Leaside
  • Ms. Barbara Broadbent, St. Timothy, Agincourt
  • Mr. Albert Chandler, St. Patrick, Willowdale
  • Mrs. Joanne Colbourne, All Saints, Kingsway
  • Mrs. Marjorie Fawcett, St. Andrew, Scarborough
  • Mrs. Evelyn Fitzakerley, St. Bede, Scarborough
  • Mr. T. Rogers Gardham, Grace Church, Markham
  • Ms. Anita Gittens, St. Paul the Apostle, Rexdale
  • Mr. Blake Goldring, St. Clement, Eglinton
  • Mr. Terry Grier, St. Margaret, New Toronto
  • Mrs. Vivien Ann Harris, Holy Trinity, Guildwood
  • Ms. Ena Hordatt, St. Stephen, Downsview
  • Mr. William Humphries, St. Matthias, Etobicoke
  • Mr. Stuart Hutcheson, St. Peter, Erindale
  • Mr. John Lawer, Church of the Transfiguration, Toronto
  • Ms. Delores Lawrence, St. Matthew the Apostle, Oriole
  • Ms. Suzanne Lawson, St. Peter, Cobourg
  • Dr. Wilson Loo, St. Elizabeth, Mississauga
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Loweth, St. Clement, Eglinton
  • Ms. Nancy Mallett, St. James Cathedral, Toronto
  • Mr. Kennedy Marshall, Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale
  • The Hon. Margaret McCain, St. Paul, Bloor Street
  • Mr. Ward McCance, St. Peter, Cobourg
  • Ms. Heather McGregor, St. Mary Magdalene, Toronto
  • Ms. Gloria McLean, Church of the Nativity, Malvern
  • Mrs. Malynda Mae Montgomery, St. Philip, Etobicoke
  • Mr. Charles Parker, Christ Church, Stouffville
  • Mrs. Dorothy Peers, Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale
  • Mr. Keith Thomas Pickett, St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope
  • Mr. Eric Pollard, St. Peter, Erindale
  • Mrs. Julie Poore, Parish of Washago-Price’s Corners
  • Mr. Robert Poulton, St. Paul, Newmarket
  • Mr. David Ptolemy, Diocesan Archives
  • Ms. Audrey Ruth Riley, St. David, Lawrence Avenue
  • Ms. Jenny Salisbury, St. Clement, Eglinton
  • Ms. Libby Salter, Church of the Redeemer, Bloor Street
  • Mrs. Ann Alice Sim, St. Matthew, Islington
  • Mrs. Sylvia Slemmestad, Grace Church in Scarborough
  • Mr. David Taylor, Grace Church, Markham
  • Mr. Peter Tovell, Church of the Redeemer, Bloor Street
  • Mrs. Denise Carol Whalley, All Saints, King City
  • Mrs. Cara Wigle, St. Margaret, New Toronto
  • Ms. Beverley Wood, Trinity Church, Aurora
  • Ms. Marilyn Yeung, St. Christopher, Richmond Hill


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