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Anglican Communion releases report on Bible in the life of the Church

The Anglican Communion has released a report on its “Bible in the Life of the Church” project, entitled Deep Engagement, Fresh Discovery.

In the Foreword, the Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of the report’s publication, writes: “One of the things that I personally hope this project will help us develop in the Communion is a wider and fuller biblical literacy, in which the outlines of the one great story of creation and redemption will be clear. To be a biblical Church is surely to be a community that lives out this great story day by day and commends it to people everywhere as the most comprehensive truth possible about the nature of God and God’s world. May God use this work to further that end, in our Communion and in all communities of his people.”

Anglicans in the Diocese of Toronto are encouraged to download the report and the accompanying resources and use them to deepen their knowledge of the Bible.