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Council approves changes to FaithWorks funding distribution

By Mary Lou Harrison

Diocesan Council has approved a new model for distributing funds donated to the annual FaithWorks campaign. The changes remove the distinction between “Partners” and “Community Ministries,” creating a more equitable approach in which all funding recipients are “FaithWorks Ministry Partners.”

The diocese created the FaithWorks campaign in 1996 as a single annual fundraising appeal in support of three community ministries and three partners. The partners were the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), the Anglican Appeal, and Anglican Houses (now LOFT Community Services). Since then, additional community ministries have been added and, in 1998, in order to enhance support for the campaign, parishes and episcopal areas were allowed to retain a portion of the funds they raised through FaithWorks for local outreach initiatives.

In the past, general contributions to FaithWorks supported the work of a number of community ministries, while the three partners received only those funds that had been specifically designated for them by donors. Beginning in 2012, funds will be disbursed using a core funding model in which all FaithWorks ministry partners will benefit from general donations to the campaign. To date, the reaction from benefitting organizations has been very positive.

“This new funding model will help to resolve some of the confusion that we’ve heard from donors who thought that, by giving to FaithWorks, their gift was helping LOFT,” says Jane Corbett, director of Development for LOFT Community Services. “We are grateful that from now on, FaithWorks donors will know that their gift is supporting LOFT, along with all of the other important ministries under the FaithWorks umbrella.”

The Rev. Canon William Kibblewhite, a FaithWorks Allocations Committee member, is also pleased with the changes, which will mean that all ministry partners are guaranteed to receive a specific level of core funding. “The revised formula is the result of a lot of work, and consultation with the partners ensured that it was fair and equitable. The new core funding model is a tremendous way forward that will serve FaithWorks well for years to come.”

Adele Finney, executive director of the PWRDF, agrees, calling the new funding model “a good step forward in supporting both local and national ministries equitably, accountably and sustainably.” She added: “Being part of the consultative process allowed PWRDF to express our concerns and offer our suggestions in ways that were both constructive and affirming for all parties involved.”

Under the new formula, the level of funding for each ministry partner will be determined using an average of the allocations received over the past five years. The amount received can be adjusted if designated donations are higher than the core level of funding and/or if a special case is made and funds are available. Core funding amounts will be reviewed every three years to ensure that they accurately reflect both FaithWorks campaign revenues and donor-designated gifts.

Additional information about the revised FaithWorks funding formula and about the work of the ministry partners is available by contacting Susan McCulloch, the diocese’s FaithWorks Campaign manager, at 416-363-6021 or 1-800-668-8932, ext. 244. The 2011 FaithWorks campaign goal is $1.55 million.