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Diocesan Staff Changes

There have been a number of staff changes at the Diocesan Centre over the past year, with many new faces and redefined roles. Below is a summary of the changes in our departments. All staff and departments can be found in the online Staff Directory. As of Jan. 1, we have 39 staff in 36.1 full-time equivalent positions.


Caese Levo has returned as the Archives Assistant. She is in the office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week to help researchers with their queries, advise on sources and carry out research requests. The public open days continue to be Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bishops’ Offices

Jennifer Bolender-King joined the Archbishop’s Office in February 2015. She provides administrative support to Archbishop Colin Johnson and Mary Conliffe, Diocesan Executive Assistant. She also supports the Bishop’s Committees and Fresh Start. She can be contacted for scheduling appointments, meetings and parish visits with Archbishop Johnson.

Karen Isaacs helps the Archbishop’s office with the postulancy and Momentum programs, in addition to providing administrative assistance to Bishop Patrick Yu, area bishop of York-Scarborough.

Arleane Ralph joined the Diocesan Centre in October as the administrative assistant to Bishop Philip Poole, area bishop of York-Credit Valley.


Martha Holmen joined the Communications department in October 2014 as Digital Communications Coordinator. She manages the Diocese’s social media and website, edits the bi-weekly Bulletin Board and is available for consultation and support for social media initiatives.

Congregational Development

Heather Steeves, Congregational Development and Volunteer Management Consultant, has retired after 14 years with the Diocese.

David Krause has assumed the full-time position of Consultant in the Congregational Development department. He works with congregations in visioning and strategic planning, as well as continuing to support Natural Church Development.

Elizabeth McCaffrey has taken up the role of Volunteer Resources Coordinator. She works to expand the diocesan volunteer corps and help find skilled volunteers for diocesan boards and committees. She also supports the parish selection committee process.


Melissa Doidge has joined the Diocesan Centre as the administrative assistant to both the Stewardship and Congregational Development departments. She responds to external questions and is responsible for the database, website and online registration issues and the Bishop’s Company dinners.

Gillian Doucet Campbell became the first staff person for the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation. She is responsible for fundraising, developing materials and answering questions about gifts to the foundation, including CRA guidelines.

Shyamala Millar has joined the Stewardship department as the Donor Relations and Information Management Assistant. She manages donor information, generates reports related to campaigns and appeals, liaises with donors and issues tax receipts and thank-you letters.


Tracey Gordon joined the Finance department to provide administrative and back-up support. She also helps Diocesan Centre staff with internal documentation and IT issues.

Claire Wilton, General Accountant, is responsible for payroll and billing to parishes, as well as parochial returns.

Administration and Property Support

Wendy Pearson is now Property Resources Coordinator and has taken on responsibility for the property support of the Synod Office building.