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Episcopal elections set for Sept. 17

purple-mitreBy Stuart Mann

The diocese’s Synod will convene on Sept. 17 at St. Paul, Bloor Street to elect two new suffragan bishops.

Archbishop Colin Johnson has called for the elections after Bishop Philip Poole and Bishop Patrick Yu announced their retirements and Bishop Linda Nicholls was elected coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Huron.

The ordination and consecration of the two bishops-elect will take place on Jan. 7, 2017 at St. Paul, Bloor Street.

Diocesan Council approved Archbishop Johnson’s request for the elections at a meeting on March 31. “It is important to begin the election process as soon as possible to develop a profile, solicit nominations and communicate the information about the nominees to the diocese and particularly to members of Synod,” he said.

The announcement comes as consultations are underway in the diocese about a proposal to reduce the number of episcopal areas from four to three. The consultations include a series of Town Hall meetings that Archbishop Johnson is having with clergy in April and May.

Archbishop Johnson told Diocesan Council that the result of the consultations could have a bearing on the number of suffragan bishops elected. “If the advice from the consultations indicates that we should move to three areas, I will make that determination by early June. If the consultations recommend that we stay at four areas, then I will make a request to Council by June to have an election of a third bishop at the same electoral Synod in September.”

More information about the episcopal election will be posted as it becomes available.