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Grant from diocese funds gatherings in Canada

Map showing area that makes up the Council of the North.
Map showing area that makes up the Council of the North.

A $500,000 grant from the Diocese of Toronto’s Our Faith-Our Hope campaign will provide for regional gatherings in Canada where travel costs are high and local funds are short.

The grant was made last year to the Council of the North and the national church’s Indigenous Ministries department. The Council of the North is made up of nine dioceses, the Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior and the Archdeaconry of Labrador. They are in sparsely populated areas such as the Arctic, Yukon, and the northern and central interiors of seven provinces.

Through this gift, members of the Council of the North and of more southern communities where there is a large indigenous presence will be able to apply for funds to hold or attend regional gatherings.

The regional gatherings will support the work of indigenous and non-indigenous non-stipendiary priests, deacons, catechists and other recognized lay leaders in indigenous and non-indigenous communities. Gatherings will centre on the healing power of the Gospels and will be individually designed to suit the needs of the ministers in the area.

The Regional Gathering National Working Group will evaluate each proposal based on how well it fits the mandate for the gatherings, the timing of the event, and the plans for reporting back to the wider church on the learning from the gathering.

The mandate for the regional gatherings is as follows: to draw church leadership together for renewal and healing; to focus on those doing unpaid ministry, either lay or ordained; to encourage youth to participate; to focus on renewal of local communities and emergence of new ministries; to address the concerns and joys of the local church, honouring the traditions and culture of the particular regions; and to provide adequate time for rest, recreation, fellowship and fun during each event.

A two-step application process will include a one-page proposal, which, once approved, is to be followed by a full application. Deadlines for proposals are as follows: June 1, 2015; Sept. 15, 2015; March 15, 2016; Sept. 15, 2016; March 15, 2017; and Sept. 15, 2017.

Application forms can be downloaded here. For more information, email Bishop Barbara Andrews at or phone 778-471-5573.

The Our Faith-Our Hope campaign, which has raised $41 million, provides grants to churches, individuals and groups for work in the following areas: leadership development, pioneering ministry, communicating in a wireless world, enabling parishes to become multi-staffed and giving to others.