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New Executive Director brings wealth of experience

By Stuart Mann

Angela Hantoumakos has worked in industry and healthcare for much of her life, but the opportunity to work for the Church has special meaning.

Ms. Hantoumakos, the Diocese’s new Executive Director, has a lifelong love of the Church and God. “I’ve had a special connection to the Church from the time I was quite young, and to have the opportunity to serve the Church at this point in my life – I view it as a blessing with all my heart,” she says.

Angela Hantoumakos

Archbishop Colin Johnson will introduce Ms. Hantoumakos (phonetically it is Han-too-mack-os) at Synod, held Nov. 24-25 in Richmond Hill. She is thrilled to be going and meeting the clergy and laity of the Diocese. “It’s a glorious opportunity to see and hear all of what is going on in the Church at this moment,” she says. “I’m very excited.”

Ms. Hantoumakos will begin her duties on Dec. 4. As Executive Director, she will have oversight of all the administrative and program functions of the Diocesan Centre, including administration, archives, communications, congregational development, finance, human resources, property resources, stewardship development and social justice and advocacy. She will also work closely with Archbishop Johnson to ensure that the implementation of the Diocese’s new strategic plan, Growing in Christ, is accomplished.

Ms. Hantoumakos brings a wealth of experience from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. She has a strong background in finance, administration and strategic planning, and has worked with large public companies in the healthcare, aerospace, automotive, entertainment, government, management consulting, and retail and consumer products fields.

She has volunteered at women’s shelters and foodbanks and sat on the boards of several charities. She is currently on the board of directors of Bellwoods, a not-for-profit organization that provides support services and affordable housing for people with physical support needs in the Toronto area.

“It was ingrained in us that we had to give back at least what we got,” she says. “My parents and grandparents were always committed to volunteerism, as is my family today.”

She says she loves working with people and problem-solving – a skill she has honed over the past 40 years in various settings. “Different organizations in the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds handle things differently, so it has expanded my views on how to problem-solve and get things done in different environments,” she says.

She is looking forward to working with the bishops and the staff at the Diocesan Centre, some of whom she has already met. “I love the diversity of the College of Bishops, and I was certainly taken by the people I’ve met so far. Having worked on Bay Street, there is something different about the vibe there.”

She adds: “With all my heart I’m deeply excited to be part of the organization, and I look very forward to working with all of you.”

Archbishop Johnson says he is delighted with the appointment. “Angela brings a wealth of experience in the business world and in the not-for-profit sector, and has shown not only the skills and expertise to do the job but the capacity to build relationships and teams that work well together. She sees this not only as a job but as a ministry.”

He commented on the change in title from Chief Administrative Officer, which has been used by the Diocese for the past several years, to Executive Director. “I think the new title, Executive Director, which is common in not-for-profit and charitable organizations, reflects how we hope to understand the role as coordinating and implementing the ministries of our Diocesan Centre in fulfilling Christ’s mission together.”

Ms. Hantoumakos succeeds Susan Abell, ODT, who has been in the position on an interim basis for the past year. “I would like to thank Susan for her gracious and effective leadership,” says Archbishop Johnson.