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Photos from Electoral Synod

Clergy form a line to put their paper ballots into the ballot box.
Clergy cast their ballots during the first election. Voting later moved to electronic clicker. Photos by Michael Hudson
Bishop-elect Riscylla Walsh Shaw stands with her hand over her heart.
Bishop-elect Riscylla Walsh Shaw reacts after her election is announced.
Archbishop Colin Johnson stands beside Bishop-elect Kevin Robertson
Bishop-elect Kevin Robertson poses for a photo with Archbishop Colin Johnson after his election is announced.
Members of the head table look out at the full sanctuary at St. Paul, Bloor Street.
The view from the head table.
Archbishop Colin Johnson stands next to Bishop-elect Jenny Andison.
Bishop-elect Jenny Andison smiles as Synod members applaud her election.
The 12 episcopal nominees stand on the chancel steps.
The 12 nominees pose for a photo at the end of the day. Thank you all for your courage and willingness to serve our diocese.

For more photos, visit the Diocese of Toronto’s Facebook page.