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Conversation series considers stewardship

Tending the Soul of the Steward

Picking up where “Tending the Soul” left off last spring, Bishop Andrew Asbil is inviting the Diocese to “Tending the Soul of the Steward,” a three-part series that will consider important questions related to personal and parish-based stewardship education. Each hour-long session will include a conversation on a particular topic between church leaders, both lay and ordained, hosted by Bishop Asbil and moderated by Peter Misiaszek, director of Stewardship Development. The dates are:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 1
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15

The topics will be:

  • What is stewardship? What does the bible say about giving? How can we encourage everyone to be a giver, and why is there a reluctance to talk about money in the Church?
  • How do we implement a year-round stewardship education program? What are the key components? Why is a narrative budget important? How do we encourage pledging, invite newcomers to give and encourage maximum participation?
  • How do I give? What is first fruits giving and why is it important? Why is the offertory an important part of worship? Can I give just time and talent? What about PAR, electronic giving and legacy gifts?

Each conversation will start at noon and be live streamed to the diocesan Facebook page and YouTube channel.