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Metropolitan asks Anglicans to mark first anniversary of pandemic

Archbishop Anne Germond, Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, has written a letter on behalf of the Ontario House of Bishops to the faithful in Christ on the first anniversary of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic Declaration. She writes,

“In a year of many firsts for our generation, we are approaching the first anniversary of the
declaration of the pandemic by World Health Organization on March 11.Only two days
later, this was followed by an announcement from the bishops that church buildings would
be in lockdown and in-person worship would be suspended as of March 15.

“The scripture verse that we have chosen to mark these anniversaries in our common journey
is Jesus’s arrival at the grave of his friend Lazarus – John 11.35, “Jesus wept.” We invite you to join us in marking the year that has passed by observing March 11 as a day of fasting and prayer. We invite you to ‘stand together’ with us and observe 3 minutes of silence at 11:35 a.m. on that day as we call to mind the loss, the pain, the grief, the resilience, the compassion, and the extraordinary sacrifices that have been hallmarks of the past year. A liturgy will soon be shared on the ecclesiastical province’s website for use in marking this moment. Alternatively, or additionally, parishes may choose to commemorate this occasion as part of their Sunday worship services on March 14 or at another appropriate time.”