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Parishes invited to apply for financial relief

Dear parish leaders,

The diocesan budget that was just passed at our recent Synod provides some financial assistance for congregations. There will be a one-month jubilee from allotment. This will be reflected with a credit on your January 2022 invoice, equal to the January 2022 allotment charge. 

There is a further provision to provide limited assistance to parishes that are struggling more than others with their finances. The 2022 budget has an additional support fund to provide targeted relief to parishes in need. You can apply for relief by writing to the Controller, Patricia D’Souza. There is no required form; instead, include a letter outlining your financial request and reasoning, your most recent financial statement showing your 2021 year-to-date amounts and, if possible, your 2022 budget. We will do our best to assist with the limited funds set aside.

Please make your submission before Jan. 7, 2022.