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Highlights from Day 2 of Synod

Here are the highlights from the second day of Synod, Nov. 18:

Audited financial statements approved
After Morning Prayer led by the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine, Synod reconvened and received the audited financial statements for the Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto and the Cemetery Fund for 2022. Synod also approved the appointment of Grant Thornton LLP, chartered accountants, to conduct the audit of the financial statements for the year ended Dec. 31, 2023, at a fee to be approved by the Audit Committee.

Priorities and Plans approved
Synod members watched a presentation of the Diocese’s Priorities and Plans for the next two years and the financial budgets for 2024 and 2025. Information can be found in Section D of the Convening Circular. Synod approved the following motion: “It will be moved by Sheila Robson, ODT and seconded by the Rev. Canon Lisa Newland that Synod receive the document entitled Priorities and Plans 2024 & 2025 and approve the priorities and the financial budget contained therein and that Synod Council report back to Synod on this plan. It will be further moved that Synod approve that the Assessment Rate, as defined in Canon 4, remain at 24.7% for 2024 and 2025.”

Missional and Outreach Moment
Synod watched a video about The Common Table, Church of Redeemer’s drop-in community.

Members elected
Synod elected the following members to Synod Council, Provincial Synod and General Synod:

Synod Council

Synod Council generally exercises the executive powers of Synod between sessions except those of a legislative character. The 25-member governance body meets monthly to carry on the work of Synod. Elected members hold office from the conclusion of the meeting of Synod in which they were elected until the conclusion of the next Regular Session of Synod, usually a three-year term. Synod elected the following:

  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Stephen Fields (St. James Cathedral)
  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd (St. John, Bowmanville)
  • The Rev. Graham McCaffrey (St. Dunstan of Canterbury)
  • The Rev. Mark Regis (St. Mary & St. Martha, Toronto)
  • The Rev. Philip Stonhouse (St. Matthew, Islington)
  • Lawrence Barker (St. Luke, Burnt River)
  • Heather McGregor, ODT (St. Mary Magdalene)
  • David Toycen, ODT (Trinity Church, Streetsville)
  • Canon Laura Walton, ODT (Holy Trinity, Clearview)
  • Eirene Wee (St. Paul, Bloor Street)
  • Adam Nymann (St. John the Evangelist, Peterborough), youth member

General Synod

General Synod meets every three years, and the term of office for a member is three years. The term of office begins at the General Synod in 2025 and continues until the next General Synod. The Diocese of Huron will host the next General Synod in London, Ont. The following were elected:

  • The Rev. Canon Philip Der (St. Christopher)
  • The Rev. Yohan Dumpala (St. John the Baptist, Norway)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Stephen Fields (St. James Cathedral)
  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd (St. John, Bowmanville)
  • The Rev. Canon Nicola Skinner (Grace Church, Markham)
  • The Rev. Brian Suggs (All Saints, Kingsway)
  • The Rev. Canon Claudette Taylor (Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale)
  • Chancellor Marg Creal, KC, (Church of the Redeemer, Bloor Street)
  • Finn Keesmaat-Walsh (Redeemer, Bloor Street)
  • Yvonne Murray, ODT (Holy Wisdom)
  • Noah Skinner (Grace Church, Markham)
  • David Toycen, ODT (Trinity Church, Streetsville)
  • Mary Walsh, ODT (St. John the Baptist, Oak Ridges)
  • Canon Laura Walton, ODT (Holy Trinity, Clearview)
  • Logan Liut (St. Thomas, Huron Street), youth member

Provincial Synod

The next Session of the Provincial Synod will take place in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., hosted by the Diocese of Algoma during the week of Sept. 24, 2024 (exact dates not confirmed). The Provincial Synod meets every three years and the term of office is for three years beginning at Provincial Synod 2024. The Provincial Synod meets and considers matters of interest in the provincial sphere such as theological education, social issues, government relations, chaplaincies, and vocational diaconate ministries. The following were elected:

  • The Rev. Canon Kit Greaves (Christ Memorial, Oshawa)
  • The Rev. Dr. Alison Kemper (St. Matthias, Bellwoods)
  • The Rev. Brian Suggs (All Saints, Kingsway)
  • The Rev. Graham McCaffrey (St. Dunstan of Canterbury)
  • Canon Laura Walton, ODT (Holy Trinity, Clearview)
  • Karen Beckles (Epiphany & St. Mark, Parkdale)
  • Ryan Ramsden, ODT (Grace Church, Scarborough)
  • Susan Schuschu, ODT (St. John, East Orangeville)
  • Noah Skinner, Grace Church, Markham (youth member)

Substitute members:

  • Finn Keesmaat-Walsh
  • Lawrence Barker

Missional and Outreach Moment
Synod watched a video from All Saints, Peterborough about its various ministries and activities

Motion withdrawn
A motion dealing with the development of affordable housing by the Diocese was withdrawn by its mover as Synod ran out of time to discuss it. Bishop Asbil said he would ask Synod Council to explore other ways that the Diocese can address the issue of affordable housing development. The motion – Motion #11 A – can be found in Section A of the Convening Circular.

Guest speaker reflects
Bishop Maurício Andrade said he enjoyed being at Synod and looked forward to the Diocese of Brasilia and the Diocese of Toronto working and sharing together in a companionship program. He invited Bishop Asbil and Anglicans to visit his Diocese.

Honorary secretaries elected
The following were elected honorary secretaries of Synod for the ensuing two-year term.

  • The Rev. Canon Lisa Newland, Honorary Clerical Secretary
  • Constance Kendall, ODT, Honorary Lay Secretary
  • The Rev. Jason Prisley, Assistant Honorary Clerical Secretary

Bishop gives closing remarks
In his closing remarks, Bishop Asbil thanked all those who worked on and participated in Cast the Net. Like the disciples on the beach in John 21, “we have been through turbulence but God is calling us into a new way together,” he said. “Meeting here together has been an absolute tonic to the soul. To hear the chatter and buzz and excitement of Anglicans coming together after so long has been such a gift, and to know that we have a lot of work to do in our communities large and small across the Diocese, and to pledge that we will move together and change together and grow together to become the next self that will be built on trust and working together as communities.” Bishop Asbil thanked all those who made Synod possible. He also thanked Sheila Robson, ODT, who was stepping down from her role as honorary lay secretary of Synod at the conclusion of this session. She has served in this capacity since 2021.

Synod concludes
Synod concluded with a prayer.