Thy Kingdom Come 2019

Ideas for Parish Involvement

While there’s no doubt most of us, deep down, realize that we need to pray more and that prayer is the foundation for all of God’s mission, we may wonder: how can I manage one more thing? You may say, I really want to be a part of the Thy Kingdom Come movement and #Pledge2Pray, and I want to encourage the members of my faith community to join me and one another, but how can we deepen our culture of prayer corporately and individually?

You may enjoy visiting the Thy Kingdom Come website and picking from some of the pre-constructed options there. But sometimes it helps to have an easy guide to implementing an event or project. So here are some thoughts from the York-Credit Valley Evangelism Task Force on getting your parish involved in Thy Kingdom Come:

Whether your congregation commits to praying for 5 people each or you develop a Pentecost prayer room, whether you’re planning a sermon series or a prayer concert, prayer walks or a prayer vigil, you’re living out our ancient prayer: Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Don’t hesitate because your resources are limited – jump in where you can. You all make a difference.