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Mid-Level Engagement in Thy Kingdom Come – #Pledge2Pray

(Choose some or all)



  • Invite all members of your congregation to pray for 5 people: learn more from the Praying for Five Friends resource or vimeo
  • Encourage people to keep a prayer journal
  • Hold a special prayer meeting or meetings; see the TKC Facilitator’s Guide for help
  • Pray every Sunday during your prayers of intercession that people in your families, neighbourhoods and community will come to know Jesus and join in God’s mission
  • Invite neighbourhood churches to join in with Thy Kingdom Come
  • Prayer walk your community
  • Offer special family and youth events, such as a prayer relay, extreme prayer challenge, or Lord’s Prayer labyrinth
  • Preach about prayer – how and when to pray
  • Plan to come as a group or as individuals to a local Beacon Event
  • Invite your neighbourhood churches to a Beacon Event