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The Bishop’s Ministries

The Bishop of Toronto’s ministries serve as the cornerstone of leadership development and liturgical enhancement within the Diocese. By offering a full suite of support services, resources for worship and professional growth opportunities, these ministries are dedicated to strengthening the fabric of our Diocese.

From facilitating transitions in clergy roles to nurturing the newly ordained, the bishop’s ministries are committed to fostering a vibrant, supportive and spiritually enriching environment for all who serve and are served by the Anglican Church.

You can help faith leaders grow in understanding and live out the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. Together, we can build communities rooted in hope, compassion and the enduring traditions of our faith.


Leadership and worship development

You support our bishops, clergy and congregations through the essential administrative support and resources crucial for thriving communities across the Diocese. Our initiatives, including liturgical standards and resources, are designed to enhance Anglican worship and reflect our faith.


Continuing professional development

You enable ongoing learning opportunities for all active clergy and selected lay staff through the Continuing Education Plan of the national church. The Diocese also provides professional development grants for specialized training needs, ensuring our leaders are well prepared to serve their communities.


Fresh Start program

You support clergy and their associates in new roles, facilitating monthly gatherings for learning and collegial support. This program helps navigate transitions in ministry, promoting a seamless integration into new communities.


Momentum program

You enable professional development for newly ordained clergy over two years, encouraging growth in a peer-supported setting. Through day-long and overnight retreats covering topics set by the College of Bishops, this program equips new clergy for their ministries.


Your support of the bishop’s ministries embodies our collective commitment to nurturing a resilient, faithful and forward-thinking community within the Diocese of Toronto, making sure our Church’s legacy of hope and service endures for generations to come.