Careers and Vocations

The Diocese of Toronto is building communities of hope and compassion through healthy, vibrant parishes and fresh expressions of church.

Our mission statement calls us “to worship God and proclaim Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and to embody – in word and action – God’s reconciling love, justice, compassion and liberation, through which knowledge of God’s reign is extended.”

The Diocese of Toronto, founded in 1839, is the most populous of the 30 dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada. Our geographical area extends over 26,000 square kilometres, stretching from Mississauga to Brighton and north to Haliburton. Some 224 congregations in 194 parishes are located in the Diocese.

Liturgically, our Diocese has a wide range of expression, from traditional to contemporary and charismatic, from evangelical to Anglo-catholic. Several parishes are exploring new models of ministry aimed at connecting with those outside the church. In addition to parish ministry, the Diocese supports an active chaplaincy program in hospitals, schools, prisons and other institutions, and many other outreach ministries in the community.

The Diocese of Toronto offers many opportunities for service for both lay and ordained individuals, in paid and volunteer capacities. For information about ordained ministry positions, please see Vacant Clerical Appointments.  For information about lay opportunities at the Diocesan level, please see Synod Office Careers.