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HR Manual

Human Resources Manual

The Parish Human Resources Manual explains a number of basic HR issues. It includes the following information:

Introduction: Churchwardens and the Incumbent

Section A: Clergy Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Remuneration administration of clergy
  • Vacation
  • Remuneration for Sunday supply and other part-time clergy
  • Clergy moves
  • Return of former incumbents
  • Clergy leaves of absence
  • Clergy remuneration
  • Sick benefits policy

Section B: Lay Employee’s Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Churchwardens and incumbent responsibilities
  • Statutory obligations
  • Employee or contract worker, employment contracts and job descriptions
  • Hiring (staff, parishioners, youth ministry)
  • Conflict of interest
  • Compensation, pension and benefits
  • Performance evaluation
  • Disability and sick leave
  • Resignations and dismissal of employees
  • Records management
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Diocesan policies: health & safety, sexual misconduct, screening, reporting abuse of children
  • Performance evaluation forms
  • Critical injury report form

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