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Parish Finance Manual

The Parish Finance Manual provides up-to-date guidelines and policies for parishes to strengthen both their internal and external procedures. Its information and instructions are meant to make you more effective and efficient, and to promote reliable financial reporting. The manual also includes information on other aspects of financial management, including filing government forms.


  • Section 1 – Responsibilities
  • Section 2 – Account and Reporting Systems
  • Section 3 – Budgeting
  • Section 4 – Charitable Status and Charitable Receipting
  • Section 5 – Investing
  • Section 6 – Sales Tax Issues
  • Section 7 – Insurance
  • Section 8 – Audit
  • Section 9 – Record Retentionaa


  • Appendix A: Certificate of Status
  • Appendix B: Sample Financial Statements
  • Appendix C: Internal Control Questionnaire
  • Appendix D: Churchwardens’ Parochial Returns
  • Appendix E: Excerpts from CRA Website: Information for Charities
  • Appendix F: Letter of Direction
  • Appendix G: Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures
  • Appendix H: Summary of Historical Returns

For more information, contact Patricia D’Souza.