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Indigenous Ministries

Indigenous ministries within the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation are a heartfelt expression of our commitment to reconciliation and building bridges with Indigenous communities. Through understanding, respect and shared learning, we aim to heal historical wounds and forge a future of collective harmony and respect.

Your support enables ministries like the Toronto Urban Native Ministry (TUNM), dedicated to serving Indigenous people living in the Greater Toronto Area, addressing their spiritual, social, economic and political needs. With a heart for reconciliation and the well-being of Indigenous communities, TUNM operates in partnership with the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada, reflecting a long-standing commitment to Indigenous involvement with the Church.

Guided by the Rev. Leigh Kern, the Right Relations Coordinator, and supported by the Bishop’s Collaborative on Right Relations, our ministry endeavors to weave Indigenous justice into our worship, life and witness. We recognize the sacredness of the land and the profound spirituality that has sustained Indigenous peoples for generations.

The “Cultural Bridges” project facilitates immersive workshops, language preservation classes and mutual aid partnerships. This initiative has been pivotal in enhancing understanding and unity among diverse groups, demonstrating the powerful impact of education and cultural exchange in fostering reconciliation.


Unity Kitchen and mobile outreach

In response to the pressing needs of the community, Unity Kitchen was established as a collaborative effort to provide nutritious meals and a gathering place for fellowship. The mobile outreach program extends hands-on support across the GTA, offering everything from survival supplies to spiritual care, embodying our belief in serving with love and respect.

TUNM’s programs are designed to acknowledge past injustices while working towards a future where Indigenous peoples’ rights, cultures and spiritualities are respected and celebrated.

In the spirit of Christ’s love and reconciliation, we invite our community to support and engage with our Indigenous ministries. Together, we can contribute to a legacy of understanding, respect and shared healing and support long-term change. Our journey is one of continuous learning, listening and action, guided by faith and a deep desire for justice.