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Scholarships for Holy Land Studies

Your support to the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation directly contributes to the spiritual development of our clergy and lay members through the Most Reverend Frederick James Hiltz Scholarship Fund. These scholarships offer the unique opportunity to study at St. George’s College, Jerusalem.

Nestled in the historic and vibrant city of Jerusalem, St. George’s College offers an array of courses covering subjects from the life of Jesus and early Christianity to the intricacies of Muslim-Christian relations.

“Walk about Zion, go around her, count her towers, consider well her ramparts, view her citadels, that you may tell of them to the next generation.” – Psalm 48:12-13


Open doors to sacred learning

Four to five scholarships are awarded each year, inviting all active clergy of the Diocese, members of religious orders, postulants and laity, including Synod Office and parish staff, to apply. The invitation extends across Canada, fostering a wider community of enlightened and spiritually enriched individuals.

As attested by Archbishop Hiltz and Bishop Philip Poole, a journey to the Holy Land, especially through the avenues offered by St. George’s College and the Diocese of Jerusalem, can profoundly transform one’s faith perspective. “Most people who’ve been to the Holy Land… say it flavours forever the way they read the scriptures and the way they preach,” reflects Archbishop Hiltz.

Your support of this scholarship provides participants with the opportunity to explore the settings of biblical stories, enhancing their understanding and spiritual connection to the scriptures and empowering them to share their enriched perspective with our communities.

“I have returned from my pilgrimage as a changed person. I cannot pinpoint the change; however, I can say that I am more emotional in my faith, as if the words have leaped from the pages with life and deeper significance. The pilgrimage has given me an immeasurable improvement in my understanding and appreciation of scripture and the places of Jesus’ ministry.”  – 2023 scholarship recipient

The scholarship supports our belief in the importance of nurturing well-rounded leaders who are not only academically equipped but also spiritually enriched by the experiences and lessons learned.