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New & Emerging Ministries

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto Foundation is dedicated to supporting innovative church programs that address and adapt to the changing needs of our communities. By investing in new and emerging ministries, we enable parishes to develop and implement innovative practices that enrich their mission and extend their outreach.

This commitment is about more than just funding; it’s about empowering parishes to be pioneers in their communities. This initiative supports projects that bring novel solutions to traditional practices, ranging from digital integration in worship to developing new community outreach strategies. Such support helps parishes not only to engage more effectively with existing congregations, but also to expand their reach to new audiences, sharing the gospel in ways that resonate in today’s world.

The projects we support are carefully selected for their potential to make a significant impact. These include:

  • Stewardship development: Crafting innovative approaches to enhance how parishes manage and grow their resources.
  • Transformational worship experiences: Using technology and creative liturgical practices to deepen the worship experience.
  • Community outreach: Implementing new programs that meet the specific needs of local communities, from social services to educational initiatives.

Each funded project is an opportunity to test new ideas and learn what works best in fostering a vibrant and sustainable church environment.

Your support is crucial in this transformative process. It helps provide the necessary resources for our church leaders to experiment and innovate with assurance. Every contribution helps to fund projects that are set to transform ministry practices, creating spaces that are not only inclusive and welcoming but also vibrant hubs of community activity.