Clergy Leaves of Absence

It is the policy of the Diocese of Toronto to permit clergy to take a leave of absence from their area of responsibility, provided suitable alternative arrangements can be made to continue the activities of the parish. No leave of absence shall be granted for longer than two (2) years duration except for those elected to provincial or federal governments. Leave of absence may be renewed by the Bishop upon receipt of a letter of application.

Eligibility and Approval

Clergy and lay staff are eligible after completion of one year of full-time service in the Diocese except as otherwise required by law or specified under the specific type of leave. Parish clergy requests for leave of absence require concurrence of the Churchwardens and approval of their Area Bishop.

Request Process

Requests will be granted provided that:

  1. Absence of the individual during the period in question will not be of significant detriment to the efficient operation of the parish or Diocesan service, and
  2. The reason for the leave of absence is warranted.

This process is in order to facilitate good communication and provide the best support possible to staff when requesting leaves of absence. A request for absence is made by the individual within the time frame specified under each type of leave, and will specify the amount of time being requested.

Reasons for Granting

The following reasons are considered to warrant leave of absence.

For full information, procedures, and details on each type of Leaves of Absence please refer to the Parish Human Resources Manual.