Human Resources Manual

The Parish Human Resources Manual is a valuable resource that explains a number of basic Human Resources issues that every Churchwarden should be familiar with.  It includes the following information:

Introduction: Churchwardens and the Incumbent

Section A: Clergy Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Remuneration Administration of Clergy
  • Vacation
  • Remuneration for Sunday Supply and other part-time clergy
  • Clergy Moves
  • Return of Former Incumbents

Clergy Leaves of Absence

  • Eligibility, Approval, and Request Process
  • Effect of Absence on (salary, pension, benefits, and vacation) and Return
  • Reasons for Granting (illness, emergency, pregnancy, parental, Professional Development, Sabbatical, jury duty, court witness, extended vacation, participation in political office, and other)

Clergy Index

  • Clergy Remuneration – Housing Component, Policy Statement
  • The Diocese of Toronto Sick Benefits Policy

Section B: Lay Employee’s Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Churchwardens and Incumbent responsibilities
  • Statutory Obligations
  • Employee or Contract Worker, Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions
  • Hiring (staff, parishioners, youth ministry)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Compensation, Pension and Benefits
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Disability and Sick Leave
  • Resignations and Dismissal of Employees
  • Records Management
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Diocesan Policies

Lay Employee Index

  • Annual Performance Evaluation Forms
  • Critical Injury Report Form