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Professional Development

Key to a vibrant Anglican presence our Diocese is the ability to equip lay leaders to meet the demands of ministry in ways that respond to the changes taking place in society and the world. Our goal is to create a culture in which professional lay and ordained leaders together build a commitment to lifelong learning and renewal in ministry.

All active clergy in the Diocese, as well as some diocesan lay staff, are members of the Continuing Education Plan of the National Church. There are also professional development grants available from the Diocese for special training needs through the General Assistance Funds.

Continuing Education Plan

The National Church offers the Continuing Education Plan, which clergy participate in and can access funds from for reimbursement. The plan provides resources for the continuing education of clergy to improve work or work-related skills and abilities.

National Church contact: Sonia Bernard, 416-960-2484, ext. 203 (1-800-265-1070)

Diocesan contact: Lily Chow, Human Resources Coordinator, 416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932)

Download the enrollment form

How to apply

  1. Complete the Application for Reimbursement form and attach the applicable receipts.
  2. Send the completed form to the Diocesan C.E.P. Administrator:

The Diocesan C.E.P. Administrator will make sure your form is signed by your bishop and sent to the National Church Pension Office.

Professional development grants

There are also professional development grants available from the Diocese for special training needs through the General Assistance Funds. These grants are for members who have already accessed all of their Continuing Education funds.

General Assistance Accounts: Lily Chow, Human Resources Coordinator, 416-363-6021 (1-800-668-8932).



The schedule for review and approval of grant applications is as follows:

Application Received Committee Meeting Notification of Decision
February 15 March March 31
May 15 June June 30
September 15 October October 31
November 15 December December 24


Applications are assessed on their individual merit in relation to the identified diocesan learning priorities:

  • preaching
  • managing change constructively
  • collaborative, visionary leadership (how to be the person people look to)
  • specific management skills (working with small groups, building teams, supervision, conflict utilization, etc.)
  • perspectives on today’s issues in Church and society

Before the PD Committee disburses any funds, all of your funds from the Continuing Education Plan must have been spent or committed to the program for which you’re requesting a grant.

If you receive a grant, you’ll be asked to complete an evaluation form to help the Diocese make sure we’re meeting our learning priorities and to help track valuable programs that are being accessed.

Multi-course programs

The PD Committee fully endorses individuals pursuing multi-year advanced degree programs and multiple course programs. However, because the level of funding available for PD grants is received on an annual basis from various sources, the committee can’t guarantee multi-year or multiple course program funding. Applications for financial assistance for these programs must be submitted at least annually.

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