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Gifts Discernment

Helping people discern their gifts is one of the keys to a healthy church. When people of all ages discover the gifts God has given them and are equipped to use them, they and the whole community of faith are enriched and invigorated.

Congregations can help people match their gifts with vital ministries that embody God’s reconciling love. Below you’ll find some of the resources that can help you get started. They can help you create, expand and support a ministry of all the baptized through a gifts discernment program.

Programs and workshops

To start, visit the websites and get in touch with a parish that’s using one of them. Ask some questions about suitability and see if it’s possible for a parishioner (and possibly a priest) to attend the workshops. Assess the resource that fits with your parish and contact the program representatives. You can also contact the program directly – most have thorough training manuals to help you implement them.

Life Keys

Life Keys is an 11-hour workshop spread over two or more days or evenings. It’s designed to help you discover and affirm who you are, why you’re here and what you do best. Fun exercises help you look at yourself through five lenses—life gifts, spiritual gifts, personality, values and passions—to see how God has uniquely designed you.

Stephen Ministry Gifts Inventory

An eight-hour course that helps congregations discover their spiritual gifts and become involved in gift-related ministries. Its purpose is to:

  • help individuals discover their spiritual gifts with a Haugk Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • educate about calling and discipleship
  • motivate for ministry