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Mission: Do

New missional forms of church follow a common methodology: they begin with listening and contextual awareness, then move to loving and serving activity that makes disciples and forms Christ-centred community. This is where a lived experience of discipleship gives birth to new mission-shaped expressions of church.

This is a virtuous circle where the activity continues. The circle revolves over and again.

Mission Action Plan (MAP)

Mission Action Planning helps churches vision, plan, decide and act for mission and growth. It provides processes for congregations to enter the virtuous circle of listening and learning, loving and serving, and building relationships and community so that people, through us, encounter the gospel and are invited to discipleship.

MAP has turn-key resources for exploring your context, setting goals and plans for ministry, and reaching out in a new way in a Missional Stretch. For more information, contact Canon Janet Marshall, Director of Congregational Development, at, or Deb Whalen-Blaize, consultant in Congregational Development, at

New mission-shaped expressions

New mission-shaped expressions of church can mean different things and go by many different names. These new forms of church emerge within contemporary culture and engage mainly with those who don’t, or can’t, connect with our traditional churches.

They can take many forms, like Messy Church; café, pub or dinner church; or a ministry with a particular group or sub-culture.

Want to learn more? Check out Fresh Expressions UK, Fresh Expressions USA, and Fresh Expressions Canada.

If you have any questions about the fresh expressions of church in the Diocese of Toronto, contact Canon Janet Marshall, Director of Congregational Development, at

Church planting

Church planting involves starting a new congregation or worshipping community, either within an existing church or as a new stand-alone church. These can be brand new churches or reboots of churches who had been in a time of Sabbath rest.

If you see an opportunity for a church plant or want more information, contact Canon Janet Marshall, Director of Congregational Development, at


Reach Grants: one-time grants of $500-$5,000 that will help you start reaching beyond the walls of your parish


Stretch Grants: one-time grants of $5,000-$20,000 designed to continue a successful Reach Grant ministry

mission circle
Mission Action Planning Steering Committee.