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Reach Grants

More ways to reach

Reach Grants provide funds up to $5,000 for creative mission and ministry. Along with missional Reach Grants, you can now apply for funds to support an innovative project to help your congregation reengage during the time of COVID-19.

No matter what sort of initiative you envision, the ministry must be local (taking place in the church or the neighbourhoods and community around the church) and innovative (doing ministry in new ways).

This granting stream funds only new and approved expenditures. Purchases made before the panel (allocations committee) meets to deliberate on your project won’t be reimbursed.

Missional Church Reach Grants

Available for ministries, events, or projects that missionally reach folks to share the Gospel with those not currently part of your church.

Attractional Church Reach Grants

Available for ministries, events or projects that help congregations adapt to new ways of being together, to rebuild and grow during and after the COVID-19 restrictions.

Do you have ideas for local ministries that will help your church begin to gather and rebuild as the COVID-19 lockdown eases? This program provides one-time grants for missional and attractional initiatives that will help us reconnect with each other and with our neighbours.

How do we successfully apply?

Prepare a proposal of no more than three pages using the following checklist as a guide:

  • We have described our project.
  • We have outlined how we will address the needs and/or opportunities we have identified.
  • We have identified who will lead this initiative.
  • We have listed the resources we will need to be successful (attach a one-page budget summary as an appendix to your application).
  • We have clearly identified what resources our congregation will contribute.
  • We have set out how we will measure the success of our project. (If successful, where do we wish the ministry to be in one year?)
  • We have the support of our parish leadership (lay and clergy).
  • We have the support of our bishop.

  1. Before applying, contact your bishop for their approval. The bishop’s office will send an approval email to We need to receive that email before the Reach Panel will consider your application.
  2. Email your application, the Reach Grant Form and your budget summary to For questions, advice and support, contact Elizabeth McCaffrey by email at
  3. Prepare for a virtual (via Zoom) or in-person 10-minute pitch to the Reach Panel and be ready for 10 extra minutes of questions, feedback, encouragement and advice. We’ll contact you with appointment options once we receive your application.

The small print

Reach Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Reach Grants are administered by the Congregational Development and Mission department.

A congregation may apply for only one Reach Grant in any given calendar year.

Reach Grants fund new initiatives only. The Diocese won’t reimburse costs for projects that have already been through the approval and pitch process.

Reach Grants can’t be used to pay for salaries or honoraria, or to defray capital costs. Program and equipment costs will be considered. Applications that seek to reboot or recalibrate existing programs to meet changing neighbourhood or parish needs are permitted.

Congregations must be in compliance with all diocesan policies, including Screening in Faith.

All grants require a follow up report to the Congregational Development department within one year of the grant.