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Clergy Formation

Professional development

All active clergy in the Diocese, as well as some diocesan lay staff, are members of the Continuing Education Plan of the National Church. There are also professional development grants available from the Diocese for special training needs through the General Assistance Funds.

Fresh Start

Clergy in new incumbencies and associates (with the approval of their bishop) meet for a one-day gathering each month for learning and support. This gathering is hosted by trained Fresh Start facilitators and offers a collegial environment in which to explore transition in ministry together.


Momentum was created to provide professional development for the newly ordained in the context of a supportive peer environment. It’s a two-year program in total, generally coinciding with an assistant curacy. New clergy meet eight times a year on day-long and overnight retreats.

The curriculum covers a variety of topics determined by the College of Bishops. Sessions are usually facilitated by experienced clergy, fostering a collegial, adult-learning style method of post-ordination training.

Current Momentum curriculum

June 2023-June 2024


Momentum curriculum overview

The two-year cycle of sessions

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The Rev. Andrea Christensen

Coordinator of Momentum