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Ministry Allocation Fund (MAF) for New Forms of Ministry

The Ministry Allocation Fund (MAF) was created under the Capital Redeployment Policy of the Diocese, which sets up how this fund is managed and administered. It provides grants or loans in three broad categories: real estate purposes; congregational growth and ministry resources; and creating new forms of ministry.

The process for application for MAF grants follows a different approval path depending on the category. Read the guidelines and application forms carefully in each case.

New forms of ministry

The College of Bishops, in consultation with others, will consider the needs of the Diocese and recommend to Synod Council how to redeploy proceeds and any income earned thereon for creating new forms of ministry. These recommendations can include making loans or grants to:

  • create ministry initiatives, initiating non-traditional ministry strategies
  • create an endowment fund whose income is for supporting new forms of ministry

Reach & Stretch grants

Reach Grants are one-time grants of $500 – $5,000. The funding is to help local ministry with its initiative to reach people who are not currently being reached by traditional forms of church.

Stretch Grants are available to fill the gap between Reach Grant allocations and the much larger amounts of money disbursed through the Ministry Allocation Fund. These are one-time grants of $5,000 – $20,000.