Job Descriptions

A job description is an important part of any position in your organization. It’s a written record of expectations that allows everyone in the organization to have a clear understanding of the working relationships.

When writing a job description for a position, remember that it’s a summary of the duties and responsibilities required, not what the person is capable of doing. Each written description includes a job title, supervisor’s title, job duties and responsibilities, work conditions, and compensation level.

The Diocese has developed a template for Job Descriptions for your use. It includes instructions and samples for a parish secretary, sexton and organist.

Under the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program, each parish or organization is required to make a list of all positions associated with the church or organization, whether short-term, long-term, formally or informally established, paid or volunteer, involving laity or the ordained, taking place on Sunday or during the week, on church premises or off-site.

As part of the resources developed for the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program, you will find a List of Ministry Positions, a Ministry Position Template and Sample Ministry Descriptions.