Parish Human Resources Manual

Parishes, regardless of their size, must be responsible employers and make sure their practices comply with all appropriate legislation, such as:

Each parish should create a Parish Office (or Staff) Manual to address a variety of human resources matters. The Parish Human Resources Manual will help serve as a guide. It’s a valuable resource that explains a number of basic human resources issues that every Churchwarden should be familiar with.

Churchwardens are responsible for setting their parish’s own policies and should check all relevant legislation before making any policy decisions. The Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto is not responsible for the policy decisions made by each parish, but if you, as a Churchwarden have questions about how to properly set policies, please contact Deb Journeaux, Director of Human Resources.

The Parish Human Resources Manual includes the following information:

Introduction: Churchwardens and the Incumbent

Section A: Clergy Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Remuneration Administration of Clergy
  • Vacation
  • Remuneration for Sunday Supply and other part-time clergy
  • Clergy Moves
  • Return of Former Incumbents

Clergy Leaves of Absence

  • Eligibility, Approval, and Request Process
  • Effect of Absence on (salary, pension, benefits, and vacation) and Return
  • Reasons for Granting (illness, compassion, pregnancy, parental, Professional Development, Sabbatical, jury duty, court witness, extended vacation, participation in political office, and other)

Clergy Index

  • Clergy Remuneration – Housing Component, Policy Statement
  • The Diocese of Toronto Sick Benefits Policy

Section B: Lay Employee’s Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Churchwardens and Incumbent responsibilities
  • Statutory Obligations
  • Employee or Contract Worker, Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions
  • Hiring (staff, parishioners, youth ministry)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Compensation, Pension and Benefits
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Disability and Sick Leave
  • Resignations and Dismissal of Employees
  • Records Management
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Health and Safety
  • Reporting Abuse of Children to Children’s Aid Society
  • Legislative Changes

Diocesan Policies

Lay Employee Index

  • Annual Performance Evaluation Forms
  • Critical Injury Report Form