Selecting a New Incumbent

In the Diocese of Toronto, a new incumbent is selected by the Area Bishop following recommendations of the Parish Selection Committee (PSC), which always works with the Area Bishop. These tasks included in this work with the Area Bishop are to:

  • Ensure compliance with the diocesan canons;
  • Ensure all interview procedures and decision are as objective and fair as possible;
  • Provide a comprehensive and accurate profile of the parish.

The Parish Selection Committee consists of the churchwardens (and in the case of multi-point parishes, one churchwarden from each congregation), and such other members of the parish, not fewer than four (4) or more than six (6) to be determined by the churchwardens and to be elected by Vestry (or in the case of multi-point parishes, by the Parish Executive Council). The composition of the PSC should attempt to reflect the diverse communities within the parish. The normal maximum size of the PSC is six but it may increase to eight in multi-point parishes.

Where do we begin?