Liturgical Standards and Resources

In 2007, the Information for the Clergy (“Green Book”) was revised to separate the three major types of official policies and guidelines for clergy in the Diocese. In 2010, the Green Book’s title was officially changed to “Liturgical Standards and Resources” to better reflect its contents:

  • Liturgy & Worship Information (including Baptism, Marriage, Eucharist, Healing, Funeral and General guidelines)
  • Episcopal Matters and Jurisdiction

For further assistance, please contact your Area Bishop’s office, or Canon Mary Conliffe, Executive Assistant to the Diocesan Bishop.

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Section 1: Theological Themes – Baptism, Eucharist, Matrimony


Section 2: Liturgical Principles, Models and Rites for the Administration of the Sacrament of Baptism, the Rite of Christian Burial and the Rite for the Institution of New Ministry


Section 3: Theological Principles and Practices of Healing Ministry


Section 4: Matters that Require Episcopal Oversight and/or Permission


Section 5: Policies and Guidelines for Clergy