New to the Diocese

When clergy first join the Diocese of Toronto, as with many new employers, there are a number of forms to be completed, information to review and training to complete. Your Area Bishop and the Payroll Office can help you with this process.

Here is the list of some of the items that need to be taken care of:

  • The Diocesan Centre needs to receive a void cheque, completed federal and provincial tax forms, your address, phone number, and any other relevant contact information as soon as your appointment has been made.
  • To make sure you are properly enrolled in all diocesan benefits and payroll, you need to complete the proper Benefit, Pension and C.E.P. Enrollment Forms.
  • Please read Liturgical Standards and Resources, the Parish Human Resources Manual and the Parish Leaders’ Manual, which are valuable resource of policies and guidelines for clergy in the Diocese.
  • Read the diocesan Constitution and Canons, as you will be expected to comply with them.
  • All new clergy to the Diocese are required to attend the next available clergy training session for the Sexual Misconduct Policy, Health and Safety and Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith. The Human Resources staff will send you an invitation to these sessions as they are offered.
  • All clergy are required to obtain a police record check using the diocesan-approved process before their appointment begins. Please see Obtaining Police Record Checks for more information.

The Diocese has a number of staff who can provide expertise in a range of areas. Please feel free to contact any of the staff if you have questions about the Diocese.