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Sexual Misconduct Policy Workshop

Sexual Misconduct Policy training is a key component of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program. It’s required for all medium- and high-risk positions.

A Sexual Misconduct Policy workshop should be conducted in every parish once a year for those who are new to a ministry role and repeated every three years thereafter. Each parish is responsible for holding its own training workshop. All volunteers and staff who minister with children and vulnerable adults must attend the workshop. It can be used for groups as small as 5 and as large as 100 participants.

This training can be an opportunity to provide support and educational opportunities for volunteers and staff. Ultimately, we’re working to protect our most cherished treasure: the weak and vulnerable who come to us in faith.

To help your parish with the training, you can use the following resources:

Parish workshop kit

The incumbent and churchwardens should take the time to review the Parish Training Kit for the Sexual Misconduct Policy. Read the planner’s notes and choose a planner and a leader. The materials in this kit were last updated in November 2013. As you go through the kit, you’ll find:

The diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy (also available split into the Policy and Procedures)

The kit is a result of recommendations made by the clergy at workshops on the Sexual Misconduct Policy in 1999, with much consultation. An evaluation form has been included, and your comments are appreciated as we continue to develop Sexual Misconduct Policy Training tools.

You may also find the following resources to be helpful in preparing for your parish workshop:

Training videos

These videos are also a valuable tool for workshops, especially if you don’t have an experienced trainer in your parish.

Sexual Misconduct in our Churches – Learn to Spot It. Learn to Stop It.

Using real-life scenarios, this video shows clergy, church staff and lay people how to recognize the various forms of sexual misconduct that can occur in a church community, and how to prevent them. Information presented complies with Canadian legislation concerning sexual misconduct.

Designed to stimulate discussion and generate solutions, the video and accompanying guide can be used in education sessions with large or small groups. It can also be viewed at home by individuals.

This video was produced for the Diocese of Toronto by Anglican Video and ABC Publishing, and is 28 minutes long. “Learn to Spot it. Learn to Stop it.” is available for free on the Anglican Church of Canada’s Vimeo channel and embedded below.

This video can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Parish Workshop Kit and/or the training case studies videos (below) for your parish Sexual Misconduct Policy Training event.

Case studies

These training case studies and the accompanying Discussion Guide will help with Sexual Misconduct Policy training in your parish. The case studies are available on the diocesan YouTube channel and embedded below.