Sexual Misconduct Policy Training

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto is committed to ensuring that clergy and those responsible for liturgical, pastoral, education or recreational activities maintain the highest ethical standards of mutual respect, responsibility and caring, as well as modeling wholeness and healthy sexuality in all their relationships with those for whom they have responsibility. The Incumbent and Churchwardens of each parish must strive to ensure their congregations are safe places for children and vulnerable adults.

Sexual Misconduct Policy Training is a key component of the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith program, and is required for all medium and high-risk positions.

A Sexual Misconduct Policy workshop is to be conducted in every parish once a year for those who are new to a ministry role, and repeated every 3 years for all parish leadership.  Each parish is responsible for holding their own training workshop.  All volunteers and staff who minister with children and vulnerable adults are to attend this workshop. The workshop can be used for groups as small as 5 and as large as 100 participants.

This training can be an opportunity to provide support and educational opportunities for our volunteers and staff. Ultimately we are working to protect our most cherished treasure, the weak and vulnerable who come to us in faith.

To assist your parish with the training, the Diocese has developed the following resources: