For general insurance program information, please visit the Finance Department section of the website.

The Diocesan insurance program broker is Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (“Aon”)

Vacant/Unoccupied Properties

In accordance with insurance company requirements, buildings that are vacant and/or unoccupied must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure their ongoing security and integrity. These important protocols must also be followed to ensure that insurance coverage is maintained on all properties. Reporting requirements vary depending on the specific circumstances and season. All parishes are required to immediately report all vacant and/or unoccupied properties to Aon who will then advise of the inspection requirements and will provide any necessary reporting documentation.

All property inspections should be documented in writing; an inspection log is provided as a courtesy for parish use.  Inspection records must be kept on file for reference.


Please refer to Aon’s contact list for both the Aon Service Team and the Ecclesiastical Service Team.

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